Where are all the short shorts … 

It’s sizzling here in Brisbane and I’m after a few pairs of new shorts for summer. 
I’ve searched high and low but the only ones available in store are long and to the knee. Last time I checked this is not what has been gracing the catwalks! 
I even enquired at a major department store as to where all the short shorts were?!?! I was told that they didn’t do them in the plus size section as most older women wanted to be covered to at least the knee. 
I understand this but it made me sad … what about the young plus size women of Australia? Surely labels know that these women desire to be just as fashionable as our regular sized friends. 
I came across a lot of sports shorts (pictured) but felt ridiculous when I teamed them with a nice top. 
At this point in time I’m wondering if I will wear shorts at all this summer. If you know a label or store that can help me please get in touch! 

Stay tuned … I’m determined to find some! 


  1. ASOS have great shorty shorts, and in distressed denim, I have a pair … ALICE AND YOU brand and I adore them.
    Also City Chic have short distressed denims which are nice and stretchy.
    I hate the longer length shorts, I like getting my legs out! Merry Christmas 🎄

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