Stylist Jade Goulding’s top 5 tips for body confidence 

Meet the gorgeous Jade Goulding from Style and Space
Jade is an accomplished stylist from Brisbane whose passion is creating spaces that are beautiful to look at. 
Whilst Jade specialises in styling interiors, I have been very lucky to work with her to help make my outfits pop. 

Through working with Jade I discovered that she is also fantastic at providing guidance on loving yourself and self compassion. 
See Jade’s top 5 tips for body confidence below – 
1. Be trendless
Wear whatever YOU like! 
Don’t be restricted by what people say your size or shape should wear, take some time to figure out your own style in a boundless way. What would YOU choose? Disregard trend or opinions, especially your own if you’re being mean to yourself. What does the quiet girl inside say about what she wants to wear? 

It can be super hard to find the right kind of clothing though, so you may have to look at accessorises. I love having timeless, quality items of clothing, and I like to add the sparkle and fun with accessories. 
2. Kindness. Self compassion.
This is the most important key to happiness! How can you be happy if you’re walking around talking to yourself like a mean girl? You’d never say those things out loud to your friends, so why on earth are we so mean to ourselves?!? This will take awareness, practice and diligence. But starting to talk to yourself kindly and letting yourself off the hook for all those “terrible” things you are and do, will make a world or difference to your confidence! 

3. Swagger. Just a touch.
Sometimes if I think a negative thought about my body when I see myself in a shop window, or my phone camera is accidentally on selfie mode, 😳 I deliberately put a sway in my hips, lift my shoulders and head to counteract it. Have you seen the TED talk about the power of body language?! If you haven’t, you should. You can engage good things in your brain, just by standing taller. 

4. Move.

If you’re anything like me, exercise is not high on your list of fun things to do. BUT it’s so important!! For all the reasons we know… health, endorphins and so on! I have made a point of incorporating yoga into my life every week for the last year. First step – habit building. Next step – goal setting. I think setting too lofty goals sets you up for beating yourself up, so just break it down day by day and try and make the good choice. Sometimes you won’t, but next time, you get a chance again! I’m always so stoked with myself for making the choice to go to a class, whenever I do it. And that my friends, gives you loads of confidence! 

5. Friends. Only good ones.
Friends that encourage and love and are genuine and helpful. Nobody needs a friend who thinks it’s their duty to tell you how to change. Your time is limited, and you need to spend it with people who lift you up, not drag you down. Sometimes a friendship dynamic just doesn’t work, or it’s run its course. Learn how to identify that, and ease on out of there!

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